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What is a "Reliable Source of Information?"

There are many places you will find news and updates about new technology or just new news         yet, how do you know if it is legit?  Where did the author source that information or is it only their opinion? (Blogs are fine)

There are many "raised eyebrows" about data like blockchain or hyperledger or overledger technology that is  posted on a website as "authority."  No worries, based on my research and experience, most of us will believe (we say we don't) what we see on television (TV for millennials) and what is printed (newspaper/magazine/whitepaper) or posted on the internet. (Wikipedia)

I am here to inform you that most of what you read is opinion or consolidated guesses.  My aim is to provide you with researched information that is reliable and actionable.  Let's talk about Cryptocurrency, DLT, Decentralized Ledger, Bitcoin, Federated Blockchain, Ethereum 2.0, DeFi etc.  And detailed looks into new developments in the crypto-business-evolution of our time.  #bitcoin #ethereum #litecoin #ripple #btc

There are serious benefits to getting on the "block-train" and of course for skeptics, there are consequences.  As a blockchain enthusiasts, I focus on viable use cases and various business interests.  I've invested in more than 30 altcoins and 5 ICOs. The one's that worked have covered my deposit in the one's that did not do so well. Top ICOs I reviewed - XYO, Crypterium, Cashaa and Enjin. Enjin alone rose over 17,000%!


This is the time to pay attention to the evolution for business and revolution for people. In the year 2020 we saw the environmental challenges with Covid-19 and institutional shifts toward cryptocurrency in the last portion of the year.  The playing field has been leveled. 1st World, 3rd World or Developing World...You are now part of the conversation.  2021 opened the door, and now, it's your time!


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