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Invest Now, Earn Later

Financial education is the key to attaining and retaining independence wealth. You may ask, "what type of education should I focus on?" We haven't been exposed to many areas other than debt, loans, credit, stocks, bonds, savings and 401k. Funny thing, you can easily find debt consolidation programs, debt management, debt relief and so on. Yet, we rarely see basic economic courses that provide practical day to day experiences with financial situations.

Invest now, Earn later. If our past has not set us up for success then it is incumbent upon us to position ourselves to learn today to lead tomorrow. "How?" It is vital to enroll in our OneAcademy and ascend through the 6-7 levels of financial education. These are powerful for your growth. Additionally let's ensure that we stay ahead when we get ahead. Learning about cryptocurrency and the utility of it. Being with the company that shapes the industry and increases the useability of cryptocurrency so that the mass market will feel comfort in using the currency going into the future. What is the best reserve currency? Digital currency and knowing who is leading the industry in efforts to show the reach, viability and longevity of this valuable commodity. What is the blockchain and why is so important to the future of payments? How is the blockchain critical in transfer of value across most industries? What does it mean to me and should I become knowledgeable of this technology? Short answer is, "Yes, because no industry can succeed without it."

The blockchain technology is referred to as simply a "distributed ledger within a special kind of database spread across multiple sites, countries or institutions and typically public where anyone can see it or use it with a security token. Entries within this database are configured in "blocks" and bound together in chains with digital cryptographic signatures. Hence, the name "blockchain." The important thing is that the blockchain is essentially a ledger of incorruptible data that records everything and cannot be tampered with. For instance, in developing countries land ownership records is a big problem and it seems the blockchain has the ability to solve this problem. Anyone can use it and it is stored within a database that is secured by the owner and cannot be altered without others within the chain validating and verifying the details; thus recorded and serialized every transaction.

Who is currently interested in the blockchain? Bank of America, Barclays Bank, UK government, government of Honduras, UAE government, Walmart, Microsoft, Amazon, Virgin Enterprises, PWC and IBM. A big concern is the lack of liquidity for financial markets. The most exciting proposition of the blockchain technology is that is will be able to use the singled shared distributed ledger to validate the transaction and reduce friction within the mathematical validations which would cause lengthy delays in money transactions. This is why it is considered "One of the 10 disruptive new innovations." And we are in position to benefit from the greatest transfer of wealth in history. For more details get your free account here FREE LOOK

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