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5G! Based on these 3

Do you know about 5G? What is 5G and why it is vitally important to my future? Here is a quick run down.

It is based on 3 sectors: Speed, Density & Latency.

Speed is exactly what it means, "fast". The speed of the connections will be some say 100x faster than 4G so you can download a movie in 3-4 secs or when you are in a rural area (with sensors) instead of buffering you actually connect at something similar to the speed of a camera shutter..."click".

Density is referring to "more people & more things" being connected at one time without losing your level of signal performance. I will explain more shortly.

Latency. This is in refence to lag time or delay in connecting. Looking for a signal / "buffering." Not a problem with 5G.

Now, the challenges are with the line of sight and short distance bursts that 5G needs to operate at ultimate efficiency. In order to ensure max uptime carriers will need to keep 4G active while running 5G (charge you more for less tech) in hopes to keep you as a customer.

One way the "Density" comes to be the best feature of 5G is the relationships it creates. IoT or Internet of Things runs with the 5G presence. In order for our devices to talk to not only other phones but to connect and interact with other things... cars, lights, stores, etc there needs to be an upgrade in towers and sensors to be recognized by the frequency of microwaves used. Ok, that takes us into another realm... EMFs.

The electro-magnetic-frequency needed to run 2-4G is low frequency and is safe to your "DNA" (smile, this is a good thing). Yet, in order to raise your connectivity game to the 5G you will require "high frequency waves" called MMW or millimeter waves. Unfortunately, just like super heroes they all have their weakness. 5G needs a "line of sight" or some tricky geometry to work as advertised. Watch some videos on how 5G works to understand my last statement :-)

Devices other than cell phones will require "sensors" to really get you connected. If you want to know how this whole smart city connection thing works you can check out the leader in the "Proof of Location" consensus - XY Findables or XYO Network. A leader in the use of Blockchain tech to create this process to propel nations forward by huge leaps and bounds.

One thing, be careful when you hear about your carrier (Verizon/AT&T/Cox) installing new towers and devices to get more power to increase capability for the up coming 5G offerings... some only enhance their current 4G and create a plan with the wording of "5G" in it. Misleading and very sad. Personal story, my carrier one day just charged me $20 more per month. When I asked them what services did they upgrade when they raised my rate? They said, "the company upgrades their system from time to time and will raise the customer rate as well to support this new system." WHAT IN THE WORLD? I digress...

So now you know a little bit more about the noise that is being made by the Pres of US and his arch enemy in the digital dominance race (Huawei) of Asia. No problem since some say it's just political business and competition is good. Yet, there has been an "about face" in the Pres stance on this Chinese digital leader. Why? Well, let's just say when the Chinese planned out their country's future to rise above the invaders from the past industrial age (USA) to their country, they included a contingency that most likely included holding a large portion of the debt of the world's most powerful economy (that would be USA). So over the years, China has made incredible trade deals where they pay less tariffs on their imported to the US products and charge US imports to China more on tariffs. Also, with that surplus China has climbed out of last place in world economies and stepped in to bail the US out with creditors around the world by "buying up the US deficit" and holding on to the note until it is ready to "cash-in" on that agreement. Well, Trump's advisors didn't seem to realize that China and Huawei plans are grander than the rest of the "developed" world, with lessons from the past they will not be bullied ever again. Africa is next to rise either with the help of China or the example of China. Read more about that here: China in Africa Another story for another time. Stay woke my friends.

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