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ABOUT L3 Coaching Solutions



L3 Coaching Solutions is a personal & professional development company committed to getting you results; finding solutions. Providing online & offline education,  such as training and coaching on career and business strategy,  human capital management, team building, talent acquisition & retention and related programs. I am COMMITTED to optimizing your experience.

Are you stressed from life?

Dissatisfied with your job?

Frustrated with your income?

Maybe seeking answers to your relationship questions?

Have you lost your self confidence and not feeling very vibrant?

No worries, I can help! My work is client focused and provides you with a relaxed, non-judgemental format for maximum engagement. I'm here to assist you with life's questions and find your inspiration to achieve your greatness that you truly deserve. Let me help you take charge of your life and create the best version of YOU.

Rashid Hill is the Principal Executive of Next Era Learning LLC and L3 Coaching Solutions.  He's a USAF Veteran, certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Relationship Mgt Specialist, Personal Development Consultant and Blockchain Technology investor and enthusiast.  Author of the book, "8 Ways to be 10x Better"

Leverage Limitless Lifestyle - Happiness is our commitment



Eric Worre, Network Marketing Pro 


"You are totally sincere, and you really deliver the goods. You are not just pumping people up, you give people real skill sets to be a Pro!"

- Tony Robbins

PUSH BUTTON PRAXIS (10X Success Academy)

For those struggling to find out how did they do it.  What does it take to overcome a long history of trying to win but without success.  Here is a effective way to plug and play, turn your history into a well lit future of success and upgraded lifestyle.  The 10X Academy will lead you with their HERO Model of excellence..


10X Academy is coming soon.  We have taken the best systems and content to create a program that will incorporate the best way to target market on Facebook and other effective social media platforms. Then develop a plug & play system that fits your niche market for ultimate take over by you and your team. Dominating without fear for favor.  Building your brand by connecting  in the best way and the right way. 



For Highly Driven and Ambitious Netowrk Marketers that desire to win BIG.

- Ray Higdon



Experience the power of community and follow the patterns of those that have traveled the path to total freedom.  Do what matters most!

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