We are dynamic coaches and consultants for building relationships and influence marketing or what you need for your industry.  Currently we are focused on assisting our clients in benefiting from the hottest trend in marketing; systemizing.  We get paid to help people make money from the digital currency/bitcoin boom.  As well as thrive from the excitement of creating "wow" in the life of our clients.  From the initial ideals of Leverage, Limitless, Lifestyle we've adjusted our approach  to focus on 3 angles; Planning, Strategy and Results.  In fact, we are always looking for a few sharp people to work with who would be interested in doing the same and earn an impressive part or full time income.  If you want to enter an industry that has the potential to pay you your annual income as your monthly income?  Give us a call, we will show you how. (see below)

Ritchel Hill

Ritchel Hill, a serial helper.  'Mompreneur" that has been successful in business ventures and volunteer adventures. Property investor and advisor.  A leader in growing teams while we were in the Middle East and Philippines and now after relocating to Southern California still creating win-win situations for the community. 

Rashid Hill

Rashid Hill, founder of the personal and professional development training firm L3 Coaching & Consultants.  A mindset guru that is passionate about turning potential into high performance.  Writer, trainer, consultant, mentor and speaker on next level leadership  and advanced career strategies for veterans.  Author of the book/guide, "8 Ways to be 10x Better".  A marketer's best weapon for success. 

What is our focus and strategy?  Teaching winning strategies  with Forex, Crypto and Blockchain

Main Activities:    performance coaching and  career transition consulting, e-learning  development,  workshops

Are you a Commander, Professor or Strategist type trader?  Most of us don't know what type we are because we've never taken the time to learn how to trade currency.  Well, that's ok because now they've made it easier. Cloud trading or automated bot trading.  This is the new passive trading.


The foreign exchange market or forex market – is the world’s most traded market, with turnover of $6 trillion per day*.  To put this into perspective, the U.S. stock market trades around $250 billion a day; quite a large sum, but only a fraction of what forex trades.  This can all be done from your smartphone.

Note:  (Blockchain Technology) Cryptocurrency market is very volatile.  It has recently rose to over $1 trillion market saturation or capitalization.

Yet, you can see earnings or returns of over 100% within short periods of time. And we are now seeing bitcoin price reach over $40k.  It's Time to Decide.

I offer 3 options from my legacy building machine: 

CashFX Global - Forex bot trading platform, up to 200% (weekly pay)  (VPN required)

Kripto Future - Crypto bot trading on multiple platforms, pay up to 300% (daily pay option)  

Decentralized Hedge Fund (DHF) 10-12% ROI monthly, compound interest [4 year plan]

The winning hand: $1K Per Day Freedom Plan. My $1 million plan.  Get in touch before I start to join me.

This is why I'm interested in the two largest industries in the world today; Foreign Exchange & CryptoCurrency.  

If you want to know more about my 18 month Freedom plan to $1 million, contact me. Telegram @RashidBx


If you want to know more about getting educated on what is all the hype about bitcoin and cryptocurrency about. 

Be sure and contact me.