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Entry 1

Top HOT OFF THE PRESS Strategies For Online Business  

  1.  You Inc.  We’ve all heard about create a compelling story.  Well, even though that is a common discussion because of the importance.  At the BCA event this past weekend Adam Flores talked about not focusing on “our” vision so much as focusing on what your prospect, your client wants more than your vision.  What is their pain point? What is their vision? Are they your target avatar?  Shift that has incredible reach.  Just that simple.  Tell your story, relate to your prospect and continue to relate your story to the audience you present to.

  2. Question?  Who has their story written down in a 5-7 minute talk?  Did you write it in the HERO’s Journey format?  How about this MODEL: “Struggle to Success to Process to Proof”  I have a well thought out template that will get your story fine-tuned to better connect with your prospects.  Ask me about the 7 Step formula to a engaging story.

  3. Copy-Write.  Gold!  Who writes their own copy for ads and websites/Landing pages?  Do you have a Blog and can’t get enough “eyes” on your page?  This is what you need.  Before you can master FB Live or Groups or Fan Page, you will need to understand how to create a FB Ad and then what will you say and how will you say it?  Adam Flores has given an awesome bonus to all that attended.  The copywrite formula and triggers to direct your ad copy to their emotion.  BOOM!  Gold Buckets of Nuggets!

  4. Do you know what a “Dream Factory” is?  In reality it is where Adam Flores, the founder of the Business Club Academy completely develops his clients brand.  From the photo shoot, crafting your story, developing your personality that’s laid out on your website, creating your professional sales funnel with auto-responders to put your business on auto-pilot.  (way too much given away today)

  5. To create your dream brand, do you have a professional sales funnel that has automated your client acquisition process?  Does your website attract, capture, present, CTA and close the sale…while you sleep?  That’s "Next Level" strategy.  Contact me at L3 Coaching Strategies & Solutions for assistance.  *Tomorrow, the "Secret to effective FB Marketing"

Entry 2






Have you learned the best form of growing your business?

What is it?

Referral Marketing.  Or in today's language: Influencer Marketing

If you are struggling and you want to find "gold" in growing your business online you need an influencer in social media.

This is someone that has a trust and connection with their following online.  You may ask them to post shout outs for you to their followers in order to get more attention for yourself, your brand, your products or service.  This is not a JV just a service that is available to boost your standing in the social media world.  If you are doing marketing online...this is MAJOR important!


FB LIVE is currently one of the most attractive video platforms today!

"WHY should I do FB live video?"  You might be asking yourself...

1. You show leadership and authority in your space/field.

2. People will begin to trust you enough to buy from you.

3. You will start to get people wanting to work with you.

And how do you maximize your presence - you may wonder...


Here are some things to remember for best engagement:

- Create Quality Content - Think about what you are going to say before going live. 

- Always have a "Title" and post it with maybe a link to a website

- Always tell them where you are and ask where they are tuning from (country, state etc)

- Say, "I'm going to give you my best ..." 3 tips, 5 steps, secrets to success etc

- Then start with a story about what you are going to tell them (connect)

- Be sure and answer any questions that are posted. Very important.

See you tomorrow for more excellent tips on ONLINE BUSINESS GROWTH




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