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Do you want your new business to succeed?  Here are a few of the services we at L3 Coaching Solutions provide under the 10X commitment.  We execute Planning, Strategy and Results and ensure you have proper tools to grow your business and captivate your industry. Arriving at the destination of your choice.



This is more about what you want to see happen. We need your ideas and vision so we can create the winning strategy for you.  Do you need a great website, lead capture, auto response system?  Your plan will help us to determine the best way forward.



Now we have your plan and vision for your journey, we can create the winning strategy you need.  Now we break out or map all aspects of the branding, marketing, P2P contact, managing and responding to contacts, blogging and building a connection with your audience.  They need to know you are the go-to person for their goals.



Time for action! With your strategy in place and a great online presence, your plan must include strong leaders to help create the dream team.  We've built in effective and timely support and training &metrics. We are here to help you expand quickly if necessary and with the quality products and services...results are on par with your expectations. Success is yours. Enjoy!

Business Startup 101 - The Basics


Check out these tips for your Business Startup Phase


1- Ask yourself questions. 

What 2 areas would make the greatest impact and happiness if you achieved them this year?

How would I feel at the end of this year if I could achieve these 2 things? 

2- Widen your choices when making decisions.

3-  Test your assumptions.  Is your decision realistic?

4- Think about it before making a decision.

5- Be Prepared; Test your decision.  But, have confidence in your decision.

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