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Why I created the exclusive 10 X Academy for Success? 

How to Make a Difference.

This was born out of my empowerment guide, "8 Ways to be 10x Better"  With great content throughout, there needed to be a more practical hands on training to compliment the guidance from the book.  Also, after a while I was introduced to so many new tools that I knew where outside of what normally happens in the personal marketing arena yet, where essential to developing my inner powers to be more aware of my current and desired state, I knew I had to create a power packed program to reach a global community that wants to make a difference.  Make a difference in the lives of those who have dreams and aspirations yet, lack the resources and many times opportunity to fully manifest their incredible ideas.


Within the Academy I incorporate some lessons from the H.E.R.O. Coaching Model to locate the "push-button" within to cause positive change to learners.


Of course our programs focus on the fundamental skills every marketer needs:

  1. Finding Prospects

  2. Inviting Prospects

  3. Presenting to Prospects

  4. Following Up with Prospects

  5. Closing Prospects

  6. Getting New Distributors Started

  7. Promoting Events

(from Eric Worre GoPro kit)

So, what's the plan?

We clearly have the duty to touch lives wherever they are and with technology it is much easier to introduce our ideas, solutions and collaborations to the world.  With the mission of repairing tears and the emotional scars of the world, to present more educational opportunities for those that seek it but don't have access to it, to be committed to growing entrepreneurs around the globe because this is who solves the world's problems, challenges and betters their community conditions.  I am on a mission to develop 1000 people that I call Game Changers to deliver "wow" to the people that have ideas yet, don't have the resources to express that dream.  To offer avenues for micro finance and micro lending to work as it is intended empowering local entrepreneurs to realize their dream and bring some form of dignity and respect to their community.












Brought to you by the L3 Coaching Solutions & Strategies.  Exploring new technologies and providing training and education to keep you ahead of the curve.  Ongoing coaching is a core principle that is offered with all programs.

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Education Strategies 2.0


Advanced leadership, coaching on marketing and success mindset techniques for the serious novice & veteran desiring to build daily income and long term wealth.  This happens by using the H.E.R.O. coaching Model to Transform lives for the good. Also introducing the "Push Button Praxis".

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Valencia Park

San Diego, CA  92114


T: 702-899-1983

T: 903-336-9685

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