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What is Select ROI Club?       *Very Discreet* Very Profitable

CURRENT OFFER! Private Profits - 25%/mth
12 month Plan! Monthly Airdrop to wallet!

Very Explosive!!! Limited Time Only!  *Min Investment* $5500

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For many crypto enthusiasts, holding their crypto is a joyous thing for a while.  Yet, with the advent of DeFi and yield farming, liquidity pools and coin minting & loans, getting additional benefits to increase their holdings seems like a welcomed idea. 


The Passive Income Portal has researched and experienced many platforms that provide secure, profitable and flexible ROR (rates of return) for our deposits.  We've been very careful to choose the "most favorable" platforms to provide the least risk and reduced friction in each transaction.  A positive outcome is the goal and many times we are able to attain the right partners to fulfill our requirements on a consistent basis.

























In an effort to bring confidence to this "high risk/high yield" arena, we have opened up a very select and few ROI opportunities to a hand-picked, 1-2 clients per month to experience a high yield return within a high risk environment.  It cannot be stated enough these ROI plans offer dynamic returns and can pose as a long term online operation yet, close up (shut down) without notice.   Let me be clear, you will agree to the deposit and return at your own risk; we accept no financial responsibility if the project "rug pulls" or shuts down without notice.  So why do we offer this to our select clientele?


We've found that there are many people with disposable income that are reluctant to trust a bank to hold and use their money for their own interest and look for alternative and discreet ways to grow their personal wealth in the shortest time; thus high yield with high risk options.  Also, we don't desire to take more than a fair share as compensation from the transaction.  In most cases we will not require any fee from the client and receive payment as part of the transaction from the partner upon fulfillment of the contract. 


We welcome your interest in doing business with our platform; Passive Income Portal; Select ROI.  We only deal with personally vetted "alternative" passive income producing platforms.  We only have 2 classifications for the partners; high and high-high risk.  Our research, audit and experience reduces the risk, for doing business with these "OIPs" / Online Interest Platforms.  [Min deposit $5K for 20 days / High Yield min is $10k]


Services include: How to buy cryptocurrency because only bitcoin(BTC) or litecoin(LTC) will be accepted. If there are fees involved in the transfer of funds this will be paid by the client or deducted from the profits.

 - If a digital wallet is required we will facilitate creating a wallet for the client.

 - we will provide proper education of digital currency ROI transactions for the customer 

 - we will evaluate the clients ROI profile and suggest the best plan option

 - we reserve the right to suggest a special plan that may only be good for a specific time

 - all plans will have a set amount of days or term with us; 10, 20, 30 days maximum

 - all investable projects are confidential (private to our team) and will not be revealed to the client

Feel free to contact us at




How Does PIP(SROI) Make Money?


PIP (SROI) doesn’t charge you a fee directly, the fees are included in the profits of the transaction.  If we have to store your cryptocurrency or provide blockchain and digital asset education and consultancy services there may be an additional or separate charge.


Some platforms will charge fees for handling digital currency transactions.  These include:

  • Margin fee. Also known as the spread, Coinbase charges about 0.50% for crypto purchases and sales, although this rate varies depending on market conditions. The margin fee you end up paying depends on the change in price between when you get a price quote and when the order is actually completed.

  • Coinbase Fee. This is a commission on all crypto transactions, charged in addition to the spread. How much you actually pay depends on your location and the total amount of your transaction.

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DEALS - Possible min 5% a day ROI! Depending on the crypto market conditions

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