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I recently was invited to join a select group of promoters in the beautiful gulf country called United Arab Emirates. We were heading to a VIP Global Summit to kick off officially the company that we have been promoting for about 5-6 months. Sounds exciting to be selected to travel and open up a major advanced financial technology operation like this... and yes, it was very exciting.

As you know, I like to give you lifestyle experiences here in this blog. We spend much of our time working and grinding toward a better life with our families and friends yet, many times we do forget to "smell the roses" along the way. Did you know that there was a pandemic that gripped the whole globe last year; 2020? Yes, I'm sure you were doing more reading and personal development courses while the world was locked down. This is what prepared me for the major valleys that I experienced yet, it also set me up to handle the massive peaks in my goals and achievements.

I was able to enjoy a first class experience with fellow promoters, top producers, top earners and of course blockchain and crypto (currency) enthusiasts because we learned how to discipline ourselves and grind it out day in-day out because there will be a reward on the horizon. Building teams across the globe with the online webinar platforms...zooming across screens day and night to ensure everyone that was interested received the right information to expand their teams as far and wide as possible.

The trip started in California and stopped for a few days in Texas and then after my fiasco to get my covid-19 test (already been vaccinated), I was sitting for hours in the airport terminal outside the security gates because the airline was delayed and was not ready to check-in my flight. So, 3 hours later I was able to get my boarding pass and move through to the gate.

While waiting all day to get inside I was looking forward to the 1st class lounge since it's been over a year and really almost 2 years since I'd went anywhere let along flown internationally. Well, yes, as you can imagine I was looking for this first class experience from the time i started until the time I returned. As I arrived at the DFW first class lounge for the airline, I remembered in the past you would be greeted with a buffet style set up, food of all varieties and as far as the eye could see. My experience dated back to my days as a defense contractor living and working in the Middle East and flying from country to country first class and enjoying the stop overs and lounges that treated the passengers with a well laid out dining experience. Yet, at DFW lounge I was given a menu that had 3 selections on there... and 2 were finished thus, I was left with one option; the cold turkey sandwich and chips. Now, don't get me wrong I like me some turkey sandwich and chips yet, after sitting so long in the airport terminal waiting for this trip to truly begin with a delicious dining experience in the first class lounge... my trip didn't really begin until I sat in the nice, welcoming, warm and private first class space on my favorite airline; aware winning Qatar Airways.

As this is somewhat of a chronicle of my play by play trip to Dubai, it may get a bit long in parts and others I seem to just pass right over... don't worry I will add many pictures to give you a better picture of my true experience in Dubai.

The flight was filled with cheese platters, lobster, chilean sea bass, purple potatoes, lemon with mint and so much more... oh my goodness. That made up for the lack of luxury in the DFW airport lounge. As we landed in Doha you may have thought that it couldn't get any better... lol - OMG! I went to the lounge and they asked if I was flying first class and I replied "yes" and they pointed me to the other lounge; I was at the business class lounge. "Whaaat?" I was like, there's a business class (which is incredible) and one that steps it up again to the first class? I was thrilled with anticipation of what was to come. I signed in and walked through the doors... "wow" just really breath taking to see how amazing Qatar has upgraded their whole airport and didn't leave anything to chance when it comes to the first class lounge. You have to see it to really get the real essence of how amazing it was....

I spent about 10 days in Dubai and was busy daily. As the title may have gotten you a bit puzzled... what is a "hub" you may be wondering? Lol, we spent some great time on the yacht and rubbed elbows with millionaires of the project and others that are near this status and from all over the globe. To casually speak with them and learn from them was priceless. And we also had the chance to enjoy a desert safari and of course while in the desert we had a chance to ride a camel and see a falcon in action. Such an unforgettable experience and learned so much from global leaders as well.

This is how it feels to live... to experience life and enjoy it. You don't grind day in and day out in order to spend your weekends on a part time job or at home trying to rest up to go back to building someone else's dream on Monday??? Create your vision and plan that trip. Catch a weekend on a friend's yacht or visit a desert like in Dubai and get to ride on a camel in the desert. Choose to shift your thinking, create your vision of what life could and should be for you... YOU CAN DO THIS.

What is the "hub"?

The Zeniq Hub

With this trip it was made possible because of the "hub." The core product of the company is a hub. This is the next generation of digital asset management all in one device, hosting massive features to help you manage your trading, coin minting and staking of cryptocurrency all in one location. The HUB is a game changer. This is how we build a global community and give control back to the people. Let's regain control of our finances. Enjoy. Team Achieve.

Remember to visit our team site at

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First stop; Aruba.

Who would have ever imagined that a desert land could behold such expansive offerings? During a visit to the island of Aruba, I was thoroughly impressed with the depth of this deluxe destination. At first glance, the arid land and plentiful cacti will mislead you, but trust me when I say looks can be deceiving. In fact, Aruba is actually a rich oasis in a number of ways. The island has breathtaking ocean views, white sand beaches, luxurious spas, premier golf courses, fine dining, lavish accommodations, well preserved landmarks, and is a nature enthusiast’s dream. Aruba also has a constant trade wind that blows year round, providing the perfect breeze. In actuality, the wind is so strong that it has created a permanent arch in the country’s famous Divi Divi trees, which can be seen throughout. From its alluring power, to the vibrant colors of the sea, this elegant Dutch cabochon is an absolute must see. As one-third of the ABC Islands (Bonaire and Curacao make up the other two-thirds,) this copious land is not only abundant in beauty and amenities, but in history, culture, and its ability to provide infinite possibilities to the parched, elite palate.

To be continued...

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There are so many reasons why travel is important. There’s the opportunity to interact with other ethnicities, the chance to immerse yourself in different cultures, the thrill that comes with uncovering new territory and the chance to try some awesome new cuisine. I’d have to say that while I’m completely thrilled over the idea of connecting with fellow travelers and natives, it’s often the epic food affair that awaits me that piques my interest. I marvel even now, over the thought of finding some spectacular gourmet goodness to satiate my craving. I have friends that are partially vegan and others as well as myself only each certain foods so yes, that limits my selection, but I still manage to locate some magnificent finds while on my international adventures. I typically use a portion of my meal allowance to satisfy a craving like cookies (oatmeal/raisin) or fried chicken wings (garlic parmesan). No, I don’t go all in and try to recover all that I've abstained from for the day, but my sweet tooth often kicks in, and my quasi-pescatarian lifestyle has been known to resurface.

To be continued...

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