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A Wealth of Abundance; Building your Legacy

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

First stop; Aruba.

Who would have ever imagined that a desert land could behold such expansive offerings? During a visit to the island of Aruba, I was thoroughly impressed with the depth of this deluxe destination. At first glance, the arid land and plentiful cacti will mislead you, but trust me when I say looks can be deceiving. In fact, Aruba is actually a rich oasis in a number of ways. The island has breathtaking ocean views, white sand beaches, luxurious spas, premier golf courses, fine dining, lavish accommodations, well preserved landmarks, and is a nature enthusiast’s dream. Aruba also has a constant trade wind that blows year round, providing the perfect breeze. In actuality, the wind is so strong that it has created a permanent arch in the country’s famous Divi Divi trees, which can be seen throughout. From its alluring power, to the vibrant colors of the sea, this elegant Dutch cabochon is an absolute must see. As one-third of the ABC Islands (Bonaire and Curacao make up the other two-thirds,) this copious land is not only abundant in beauty and amenities, but in history, culture, and its ability to provide infinite possibilities to the parched, elite palate.

To be continued...

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