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How I became the change that I only spoke about

It all began with a thought. Or was it a "thump"... hmmm, not sure. No matter, yet we have pulled ourselves together and created this space to continue the conversation about how to raise your game, raise your chances of success, raise your standards to be 10x Better!

After about 8 months (+ 2 or 4) returning from the most exciting learning experience I've had in my life I finally knew what was stopping me, why I had been telling myself this story that was detracting instead of attracting the results I chased in life. Up to this point I felt that I was running blind(eyes closed) with my hands stretched out in front of me just in case I accidentally slammed into ... "my dream." By accident. Ponder that.

Now the veil has been lifted and putting pen to paper seemed like the smartest way to exercise the volumes of education that everyone should have access to. The recipe for personal development, professional insights, social behavioral mastery and creating compelling lifestyle frameworks... a book, yes it seemed right to write the book that starts the conversation and eventually initiate a blog, a highly connecting blog to express ideals of individual results as well as introducing thought stretching concepts for challenging human intellect and potential. Welcome to my “Next Level” Conversation!

In this segment I want to give you more of what has compelled me to write this book. To offer honest, life long lessons of weakness to strengths, failure to triumph, turning negatives into positives, showing how to have a millionaire mindset even living below average reality. As I proclaim..."DEFY THE ODDS, SET A NEW STANDARD & STEP UP!" Change the game and give it what it's missing." Be 10 X Better!

Let me explain, this book was written primarily for two purposes. First goal is to help upgrade the reader’s mindset and philosophy about personal power, and to help him/her begin to attract a right mental attitude to begin attracting positive cash flow like never before.

The second purpose for this book is to be used by online & network marketers as a tool to open the minds of people they would like to introduce to their business model. A common challenge for anyone in the home based business world is to find people who are open and interested in hearing about their business. By reading this book and living the principles, you will be walking in the prosperity you want to attract. This opens your prospects’ mental door of receptivity. Once open, you can walk right in and share your incredible life-changing business to a receptive ear. History and experience show that talking to someone who is not consciously interested in creating wealth will always be met with resistance. You now have the tools to create it!

How would you like to only talk to or meet with people who have a burning desire to create an incredible lifestyle? Wouldn’t that make your business much more fun? This book represents the key to the door of your prospects. Let it be the spark to ignite that burning desire in your audience. This book is the seed that when planted will grow and blossom in you., which will in turn create a bountiful harvest for your business. This is the ultimate prospecting tool!

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