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The 10 X Club for Next Level Leadershifts

10 X CLUB! Evolving with a mission

Imagine where you will be 12 months from today…

What if you had access to an amazing community of professionals, thought leaders and innovators?

Access to partners that helped me to grow and mentored me with mental and financial shifts that increased my results 10X and more!

It’s me Rashid Hill here. I’m in this beautiful city San Diego today and I am speaking to all entrepreneurs who want to grow their business exponentially earning 6-7 figures!

Then, you may ask yourself, what happens after that? What happens next? Do you have a plan for what happens after you attain that level of income? Now that I’ve built my Mega Team and life is good…what now? Then, you remember someone saying that a high percentage of entrepreneurs (especially networkers) in a very short period of time lose all they have worked so hard to build because you can’t take your foot off the gas. You must sell every single month in order to earn your income. This is not the best plan for an entrepreneur and building wealth with time freedom. I know that when I join a network marketing company I want to see my path to the top of the compensation plan and when I can enjoy what is called true “passive income.” If you want another job just like the one you left, then what is the purpose? People join network marketing to get away from a never ending trading time for money… so, what should we do? Do you know Tony Robbins? He’s just one of the world’s best success coaches. He explained how we should approach long term wealth. We should take money made from our primary business and invest it into a secondary fund or something appreciating. Then continue investing until the secondary income outstrips the primary income with less effort. Do you get it? That’s financial wisdom.

So how do you continue to grow your income, inspire your teams and not just maintain but lead Next Level growth in your industry? You need to have ongoing valuable reinforced positive collaboration with like-minded members. Have you head the saying, “If you are the smartest person in the room, find a new room.” Powerful. Not a traditional conference call or simple training conference. We invite you to an advanced mastermind web conference monthly to ensure that you attain a high level of value that supports your personal, professional and financial aspirations toward a mission that contributes to the greater good.

I know you want…

  • To take your business to the next level

  • To increase your genius level competence and social awareness

  • Location Freedom, Time Freedom, Financial Freedom and your Total Freedom!

Today’s session I want to go LIVE! – to talk about the way to this freedom. There are only a few common metrics that you can gauge your success. Either you are meeting them or you’re not. I want to give you my secret sauce to not only meet but exceed any metric that can determine your level of success.

Whether you are looking to BREAKTHROUGH to your first 6-figures or you want to go for 7 or multiple 7-figures in your business…this is right for you.

Don’t be stuck, lonely, isolated and disconnected anymore. Most people want to take on the world (that’s a noble calling). NO worries, our community is eager to express your greatness and help you to believe with certainty you can attain what your desire and we are committed to connecting you to that outcome.

Don’t listen to those that claim to know you and what’s best for you…saying, “Don’t go running after that network marketing, it’s a scam.” Or “You have a good job are you stupid?” Or, “Are you really risking your job for a dream?” Let me tell you we won’t stand for weak minds and nay-sayers. They are following their nature of watching from the sidelines, maybe still in the stands and never get in the game. YOU are in it, on the field and winning the game.

We can only accept a small group of new people so we can work closely with everyone. You are part of an exclusive community and one of the best experiences to develop and grow as you desire.

If you are a giver, a dreamer, a leader and a networker you want to be with this community. We are the Best in Class.

Know this…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed it is the only that ever has.” Margaret Mead

We are developing a mega collaboration of 1000 Game Changers. We are not only builder mega teams we are building on a mission. If you desire to make a difference, join a group that is poised to change the world, change the conditions of your teams, your families and even shape the future of this incredible industry. If you believe you are a good fit for this community go ahead and setup your 5 min call after your 10 min assessment. Of course you can ask any question to see if WE are the right fit for you as well. Then you can become (your) next success story.

Let’s remove the obstacles and take a deep breath and click on the access button to the side or below. I’m ready to take this journey with you.

Time to Live The Dream!

A few things before I go…

What are some of the benefits of the monthly call/conference…

We will contribute, collaborate and captivate (mission to create 1000 Game Changers)

It’s about Energy, Engaging, Economics and Illumination

We will have special guests and discuss new industry developments, advanced tips and techniques that can elevate your teams success. Provide various trainings on topics of interest to all high level members. Master class set up with a 7-8 figure earning in areas that appeal to our members. Discuss future moves that apply to our financial growth and legacy. And even have giveaways like cruises, trips to exotic places and high value items. And so much more…

Join us today. Click here to get started.

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