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The 3 Secret Tips to Reduce Struggle while securing a path to Prosperity

The 3 Moves to Sever Ties with Struggle and Systemize your ideal path to Prosperity

If you’re struggling, confused and truly tired of less than epic results…then be sure and stay engaged and listen to this video until the end.

My name is Rashid Hill. Today I want to talk to you only if you’re ready to get results and get started working on your best future. You’re tired of the struggle and no results, trying to convince yourself to push through and keep your head up.

See there are 3 moves I use to help my clients get the results they want. We are talking about the struggle you have with attracting quality leads and qualified leaders. Leads; anyone can hunt down. Yet, you will be challenged to retain them and continue to be frustrated and stuck. So I’m not going to stand here and tell you that I’ve tried it all and can change everything for you…and I now have the perfect life.

Sure I’m doing rather well …

I’ve made 6 and 7 figures in my business over the years

Sure I’ve traveled around the globe

Sure I’ve impacted numerous lives

Have international sales of my book – 8 Ways to be 10x Better

Have amazing networks and relationships

And I still have a healthy mind, body and attitude

Here’s the thing. I don’t know it all but I do know one thing. There are 3 moves that you can implement right now…


Increase your ability to influence and connect, with a level of passive attraction, and with confident competence.

So pay attention here please:

STEP 1: Position yourself to influence and connect.

The 1st thing is to create this posture across your target audience. You must gain champion creditability by perfecting the act of personal communication. Not so much “in person” even though that is totally noble, yet you are a Mega Team Builder and in order to rapidly grow exponentially you need concentrated exposure to the largest number of qualified people in an effective and efficient manner (vehicle or mechanism).

You must position yourself as the authority in your program.

Focus on one product or service benefit if you have many and become the expert of that one thing first. Then we will show you how to decode the essentials of branding and proper positioning for passive attraction.

Even though there are simple standard ways that work to build your brand, I will show you a few tips on making it easier than posting lots of articles and doing research to raise your status in the eyes of your audience. This is where we use my bag of tricks to systemize the process that normally would drive you mad now, it puts you in the fast lane!

STEP 2: Allow for passive attraction

What is the highest belief you have of yourself and your capabilities? What do you envision as victory or when you are victorious? Not what you’ve been told are heard about yourself…about marketing or sales. What is your truth when you listen to your heart? That’s what I want to know, I want you to write down and remember that feeling. That’s your authentic vibration, your flow of energy that transmit your intentions to your audience. Do you know the difference between a group and a tribe? A group may or may not have a connection with the leader of the event or situation. A tribe has loyalty and commitment to the leader because of the leader’s display of skill and ability to communicate future wins for all.

STEP 3: Transmit Confidence and Competence

Why do you need to influence and connect? Or to allow for passive attraction? Remember, You are not the average network marketer dipping his toe in the business. You want the Mega Team to achieve the Family Dream. In order to dominate the industry you must have the skills to deliver “wow” in an online and offline format. We have included on this page an assessment that helps you to narrow down your target audience so that you will have pinpoint accuracy when you market to them. This is essential so that you reduce wasted time and efforts. Look on the side of this video and click on the “Hidden Market” assessment or questionnaire.

You see, where I am now has nothing to do with where I started. That guy doesn’t exist now. I’m speaking of the guy with curly hair and earring, the guy constantly running from the cops, the guy that was put in the back of a police car in a foreign country…(tell you all about that at later date J). I’m talking about the guy that was in trouble at every turn and didn’t think he had any help to turn him around…that guy is history – he doesn’t exist anymore because of the decision I made. Right now from me to you… let’s make a decision.

Let’s make the decision to create a life that we truly want and step one is actually stepping into the decision. Chris Duncan, a great mentor of mine breaks the word down, “de-ci-sion”. It’s like incision but decision means to “cut away from.” I need you to cut off every other possible outcome except for the one vision you are desiring and then we can start aligning your mindset for success.


I want to let you know something – there’s only one reason that you don’t have what you want and that’s the reason you choose yourself. There’s only one reason that you will have what you want and that’s the reason you’re going to give yourself. It all starts with YOU.

Next to me you’re going to see a video, a comprehensive training that helps to make adjustments in the way you understand vision and perspective. These are key to seeing what others fail to see.

Be sure and get the free training, visit my blog and enjoy the content. Check out my YouTube channel (like and subscribe). Also check out my Twitter feed, Linked In page and all other places I post awesome content.

I am so very grateful to have you join me today, let’s decide to take this journey together. You are ready to leave doubt behind and embrace your burning desire. I’m ready to get started… Let’s do this!


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