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Mindshift; What is it? How does it work?

What is a Shift? Surely not goal setting…Tell me more

So what is the shift?

First, let me address the elephant in the room. Goals. Some people think of goals when they hear the word shift during a self-help or transformation session. This is not the case here. I don’t have you write up a lot of goals and make sure you use the “SMART” method. I think everyone knows the smart method true? Specific Measureable Achievable, Realistic, Timebound. We are a bit beyond that now. Goals fail. Here is what works.

The H.E.R.O. Model. This coaching model is named the High Excellence Results Option. After writing my book I spent considerable time developing a system of coaching based on what people wanted to achieve and what was needed to create the “shift.” High excellence was part assessment – part goal. Yet I still did not identify what caused the transformation in my clients. I looked for a pattern and noticed there was (what I call) a blind spot and filling this would get me the results that would last. The “shift” would emerge with a solid, unshakeable presence. What I found was the addition of “pillars” directly correlated with achieving consistent high level results. This could be used to transform anyone, anytime for any aspiration … anywhere in the world.

We don’t mean that you don’t ever set goals – we just focus more on the path to the outcomes

No, I don’t believe goals are enough – we use pillars as a key element to produce the shift

Yes, you develop an action plan, learn faster and reduce the amount of struggle with my model

So let me go ahead and answer this question for you – WOW, this is exciting. Do you all agree? So you may ask, “What can I do?”

Well, there are 6 phases to experiencing a mind and financial shift.

Phase 1 – Assessment: Know your outcome by first understanding where you are. “You can arrive at your destination just because you are in the right lane.” We must create a snapshot of where you are and paint a picture of your desired outcome! What is your vision when your heart speaks? We conduct a brief interview and complete a quick assessment to begin.

Phase 2 – Knowledge: “In order for us to grow we must stretch our maximums.” Now that we know where you are and have a general direction of where you want to be, we explain the Fuel, Vehicle and MAP provisions. Would you agree all journeys require fuel, a vehicle and a MAP to be successful? In developing your action plan to sustain the passion of your journey you must have a strong reason to get results.

Phase 3- Development: “It’s the start that stops most people.” Developing the “Pillars of Purpose” by obtaining emotional and intellectual clarity. Accessing your inner genius to create the Pillars and MAP to reduce struggle and distraction along the path. You will learn about the value of connections in this Phase. Your “Y” is key to your success. Not only your “why” but I want you to solve for “Y”. It’s a bit tricky to explain but this created a huge shift for me more than my clients. It took a few years of research and discovery to narrow down the exact triggers and might take a few years to try and explain it all now.

Phase 4- The Will: After developing your Action Plan and identifying your accountability network, your emotions will make attempts at distracting you and making you feel guilty. You must learn how to impose your will on your emotions. You will hear things like “you can’t do that and who are you kidding, you can’t make a million dollars”… Your Principles, Pillars & Psychology are key to channeling your Will or your feelings will control you.

Phase 5 – Self Efficacy: “Start moving, no matter what. The water doesn’t flow until the faucet is turned on.” I take you through the 7 levels of Awareness to raise your level of connection and attraction. We build emotional control and teach how to manage your flow to Freedom.

Phase 6 – Service/Being: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” You now have total clarity of mission and purpose. Working side by side you make the shift to your desired outcome. Being present and living in your new state, your new future. Being the change that you seek.

Do you realize how many people have a fear that stops them before they start? Astounding! Did you know that 92% of people that set goals fail to achieve them? That’s why I say; “goals aren’t enough.”

These are the 6 phases of the HERO Model. Now you know…

Now there’s a training on this page that you see “right here” to the left or right. (laugh) All the training is designed to get you started and identify which course is right for you.

From me to you – it is an honor for me to serve and work with you. I hope this is a valuable training for you.

Leave comments below and get the training because I want you to do one thing and that’s to be the change in which you seek.

Be present and Be Free – Decide to take control freeing your mind, your time and freeing your life so you can do more of what matters to you.

Now remember Be Present and Be Living Full Out! Be-Lieve you can make a difference!

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