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From local DJ with 40 cent to International Consultant doing 40K per month

I had done it all, so I thought.

Started my own business as a local DJ right out of high school. It FAILED. Went to local Jr College…I QUIT. I’m thinking to myself, taking inventory of my life in that moment…”is this how it’s going to be?” Is this my life?


My brothers – both of them chose to go off to the military. After telling myself I was not going to the military I found myself enlisting in the US Air Force. I knew I would be told what to do, when to do it, and sometimes how it should be done. I valued my freedom to decide, to choose and this didn’t feel like a good fit for me. My dream of being an entrepreneur seemed to be a distant thought. Even though I learned some valuable skills and got my 1st college degree, chosen to represent the USAF 2x in the Military Olympics for Track and Field… I remember clearly thinking…

There has got to be my time, my time when I start my own business – Be my own Boss – There has to be a better way that I can take control of my life and have the Freedom I desire.

FastForward; Eventually I left the USAF and got a job as a contractor. While working overseas I made many contacts. Started doing some business consulting for local companies and noticed drastic improvements in their operations. The light bulb went off after a few times this happened. In my spare time I could use my expertise to create an additional stream of income. I realized there was a way to control my own destiny and create FREEDOM. That way I discovered; leverage.

Some years passed and I reflect…

  1. Traveled around to many countries

  2. Coached and Consulted clients internationally earning in excess of 1 million USD from MSI

  3. Published Author of an incredibly effective personal development guide

  4. Trained and mentored network marketers all around with my simple yet effective elevation shift

Here’s the thing I want you to know. Since You’re listening and/or watching this, I need you to realize one thing… If I can do it you can do it too. With the right mindset and simple system it’s possible. All you need to do is follow the information on this blog. It’s time to learn how to earn Predictable Income.

Let me explain what happened: I found my passion. I was overseas in Kuwait as a contractor. So think about this…I’m trying to figure out this online marketing program – CCPro, how to use Google Adwords etc. Quite frustrating for sure. Then my wife was introduced to network marketing while on vacation in the Philippines. After a while I noticed she was self-sufficient – making her own money and doing well. We brought the business to Kuwait and it explodes! We opened 1-2-3 offices in 2 countries. And after a few months we are invited to the main office in China. I met the CFO, COO and Top Distributor from Malaysia. The time spent with the leadership in China changed my perspective and approach. Returned to Kuwait and implemented what I had learned.

After just 3 months we had consistently earned over $10K per month. And in our best month we earned over $40k in that month! I clearly remember the energy from those moments, the feeling of being unstoppable and the joy of helping so many others believe and achieve.

There was a moment of clarity, a moment of relief and sincere gratitude. Thankful that I was coachable.

This was my time, now I can be free to choose – to choose to implement what I’d learned or I could choose to stay in my safe zone. It set off a fire inside of me – I now have my mission, my purpose and a drive to help as many others do, feel and have the same so…

I want to welcome you to my life, welcome to my website

I’m Rashid Hill and it is a pleasure to present information to serve you and create the shift that you desire.

  • To have mental and mission clarity

  • To rewire your thinking, perspective and expand your vision of possibilities

  • To create location Freedom, Live where you want and work when you feel like it!

  • To spend more time with your family. No more “missing this and missing that” because you have to work

  • To make your annual income your monthly income

  • To create Multiple Streams of Income

  • And to Stop Sacrificing doing the things that you truly love…

I want you to have more time to enjoy what you love – You can have it right now. That’s what this is all about. I hope you click on all of the links around here and get some of the FREE INFORMATION which you’ll see all down the sides here. Go ahead and get involved.

My name is Rashid Hill. I’m your HAPPINESS Consultant. Freedom to choose is your right, it’s your passion and Happiness is key to your Freedom.

I want YOU to live – LIVE a life of purpose, happiness and contribution. Leave the past and enjoy doing more of what matters most to you.

It is my pleasure and honor to work with you. TAKE ACTION and start living an AMAZING Life!

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